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Who are we?

itsmycv is a team of dedicated professionals with tons of human resources experience whose sole objective is to make a difference in the job searching market. Our path is never ending as we’re continuously working on new and powerful tools for both jobseekers and recruiters. Our first tool for you is a free CV builder.

What do we do?

We believe that with this first phase development, we have carved a niche for ourselves as CV Builders and CV Keepers, because we offer tools that are fast, simple, professional and FREE. And it doesn’t matter if you are a computer expert or not, anyone with the most basic skills can use our free CV Builder/Keeper platform. All you need to do is upload or update your information, choose any of our attractive templates that best suits your needs, and download your CV, Portfolio or Cover Letter in either PDF or TXT format. It’s that simple!

How do we save your precious time?

As you’ll evolve in your career, you’ll need to make updates to your CV. With our CV Keeper you can forever store and access your CV, whenever and wherever you need it. Did you change positions within your company, moved homes or just finished a training? Just login and add the new information to your existing profile. This information will automatically appear on your CV. Easy, quick and simple as you don’t have to start from scratch or worry about messing up the lay-out. 

At itsmycv we also continuously monitor the rapid trend changes in the job searching market. We’ll make sure that our tools are aligned with the demands of the CV models that employers prefer. We offer a tool-set designed to refashion CV outlooks in alignment with modern trends and formats. And when we say your CV we also mean your Cover Letter and Portfolio.

How do we share our experience?

itsmycv is a team of professionals with credible knowledge of the job market. You can count on our expertise and research tools. And for those who have struggled in the past with landing their dream job, we offer great tips and advice to help you create the best possible CV, one guaranteed to get you noticed.

How can we serve you better? 

Because itsmycv is a forward-thinking company, we are already looking for ways to expand our services to best serve our clients beyond CV building. Our role is to remain transparent and exercise professionalism at all times. With your suggestions and feedback, which we are always open to, we want to build a platform you will embrace. 

Why don’t we charge you?

For jobseekers itsmycv is free and will always be free. And when we say free, we mean absolutely no costs, no hidden fees. Finding your dream job shouldn’t come with costs attached to it and that’s why we just want to focus on offering you the best free tools out there!

Let’s get you noticed!

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